The Priests, The Princes, The Police, The People

A true preacher of repentance has a word for all levels of society. John the Baptist had a message for:

– the Priests (religious authorities)
– the Princes (government authorities)
– the Police (soldiers & enforcers)
– the People (everyday working people)

The higher you are on that list, the harsher Jesus and the True Prophets were on your sin. Why? Because with more power becomes more responsibility. Makes sense right? Well why are the Priests at the top of the list?

“Every ideology needs a theology to make it legal.” – Myles Munroe

From slavery to racism to materialism to abortion… every single evil in our society can be traced to a religious authority that teaches false doctrine. Slavery and Genocide started with Papal Bulls. Doctrines of Racism started from the Babylonian Talmud and continued in Calvinism. Divorce was taught from Seminaries hundreds of years before the no-fault divorce wrecked families, children and spread adultery through the culture. Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project campaign had to win over black preachers decades before Roe vs Wade was passed to help the eugenics movement.

It all starts at the top. But it trickles down when you fall for the trickery.

All Truth Matters.

This means that any preacher who is afraid to call out the sins of those in authority while eager to preach against the sins of the people, is most likely a coward that is operating in the doctrine of the Nikolaitans (conquering the people).

Also, any spiritual leader that is eager to speak truth to power but skims over the sins of the people is most likely a covetousness person operating in licentiousness to make a gain of the people.

Remember, the common denominator of all false prophets is avoiding the task of reconciling people to God thru repentance and faith.

Your gift can be as powerful and accurate as you want it to be but if you are clever enough to avoid repentance your work is in vain.

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