Our carnal flesh will never be comfortable submitting to the Commandments of God or the Apostolic Ordinances of Christ. Our flesh has a desire for glory and to express its own creativity over and above obedience to the Most High.

But what we don’t realize is this: God’s Law and Order is not a restriction of our power – it’s actually what will make us SAFE, TRUSTWORTHY, and EFFECTIVE VESSELS for HIS POWER.

A rubber band gun can be made out of paper. A more powerful weapon must be made out of harder and more engineered and restrictive material because it has more POWER to release.

A paper airplane can get tossed around by the wind. A fighter jet is made of steel and is directed by a pilot.

Ananias & Saphira got killed playing games with God. When the True Power comes, the Holy Ghost will look for Vessels that are willing to be engineered, designed, and restricted by the Words, Commands, and Orders of the Father and the Son. Then He can release Greater POWER to Save, Heal, Deliver, and Set Free.

That no flesh should glory in his presence

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