Lesbians and Anti-Tithers: both Unfruitful

If you get a bunch of rape victims and abuse victims together, soon they will be talking about how men are worthless. Their eventual agenda will be birth control and lesbianism, and against their own physical fruitfulness. They will come up with alternative lifestyles.

If you get a bunch of people that have experienced spiritual abuse or neglect – or church financial abuse – together, soon they will have an agenda against authority, against order, against tithing, and against any type of true spiritual fruitfulness based on discipline. They will come up with alternative ministries based on nonscriptural concepts.

We tend to jump from the deep dirty ditch to the deep fruitless ditch, and we skip right over the Narrow Road, which is Holiness = God’s Expressed Purpose.

Minister healing to those that have been hurt and abused. Emotional pain and Trauma is real, and you have to be gentle and caring and compassionate.

But don’t let them go off the deep end and harm their own fruitfulness. Stick with the Scriptures. #followJesus #housetohouse #tohouseofprayer

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