When God Confuses Your Enemies

When GOD confuses your enemies – let GOD unconfuse them on HIS time. You just Go Take the Land. #catchthat

We waste so much time trying to teach our enemies and get them to respect us.

We waste so much time wondering why they don’t get it.

Maybe its not a logical issue. Maybe they just hate you because of envy.

Sometimes they can’t make sense of it because its a demonic heart issue.

Maybe God has blinded or confused your enemy – because they are your enemy – so that you can move forward unhindered.

When God gives your enemies confusion it’s a sign of your Deliverance and their Destruction.

Pray for your enemies, love them, show them mercy, but don’t waste too much time casting pearls before swine.

Enemies of the truth will always be confounded and confused. Just go take the land and produce fruit!

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