Music Industry Squeeze on Writers

I never wanted to go the music industry route because:

1. They make you work for the devil… or Baal & Jezebel, who front for the devil.
2. Even as a believer, they mess you up with spiritual adultery, apostasy, mixture, and compromise.

God told me over 20 years ago that everything was going back to live events. Also that everything was going back to worship.

Since then the music industry has changed significantly, both financially and spiritually. Live touring is more important than its ever been. Marketing is easier, but selling the music is watered down from a financial perspective. Open satanism in music is way more popular… Even gospel and worship artists are way more mixed and corrupted from a spiritual perspective..

God will continue to squeeze and shake the financial kingdoms of the earth. Choose today who you will serve. You can join what man is doing or join what The Most High is doing.

God is rebuilding the tabernacle of David. God will continue to raise up a kingdom of singers, musicians, writers, and prophetic minstrels that will shun the industry, lift up worship and prayer, and fulfill Lucifer’s vacancy by worshipping YAHUAH exclusively!

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