Safe Respectable Preaching can Lead you to Hell

SAFE AND RESPECTABLE PREACHING CAN LEAD YOU TO HELL:::: You would be suprised at the BIBLICAL TRUTH that mainstream preachers know but are scared to teach either because of:

– fear of man
– hidden sin
– covenants with the devil’s system (frats, masons, RCC).

Preachers that play it SAFE are NOT more Biblical than the Fearless ones. They are just more BOUND UP by the Devil!

Being conservative and nice in preaching is not always smart. Its really mostly bondage and love of the sin of this world. James 4:4 shows us that friends of this world are adulterers and enemies of God.

Youd be better off hearing a fearless preacher that risks his life and reputation by LIVING and PROCLAIMING THE WHOLE TRUTH IN LOVE!

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