Today is Health Day

Today is health day. I’m going to share some things that could get me in trouble with the FDA if I didn’t say: “these products are not intended to treat, diagnose, or heal any disease.” However my suggestion if you have any disease is to try any of these products for 3 months, then see what happens and go to your doctor.
Restore, ASEA, and MMS: Redox Supplements for Health and Strength

REDOX= oxidation and reduction of electrons for communication between molecules and cells.

1. RESTORE is the DEFENSE: Restore is a redox product that can protect your gut and fix the glyphosate (weed killer poison) damage to the gut and brain. It helps with bacteria, fungus, and virus (micro biome) communication, so it can quickly help protect the body from all types of autoimmune issues, autism, gluten sensitivities, yeast/bacterial imbalances, allergies, eczema, toxins, diseases, etc. You take a few drops before every meal, and you get out into nature, and then Restore synthesizes your body with the micro biome of nature to accelerate your natural healing processes. Please try it and let me know!
Other things to do while taking Restore:

Get out into nature, breathe real air, pull weeds, do gardening.

Drink lots of water.

Eat organic foods.

Eat fermented foods and make your own air-fermented foods.

Put organic apple cider vinegar on your salads.

Restore is a carbon redox molecule for bacterial communication throughout the body, starting with the gut and brain, your centers of intelligence. Here’s more of the science behind Restore:

2. ASEA IS THE OFFENSE: ASEA is a redox product that pumps your cells full of energy for optimum performance. Its a little pricier than restore, so I suggest starting with Restore. Restore helps with the communication of bacteria in your body, so it helps you get the benefit of nature. ASEA helps more with intercellular communication of mitochondria in your cells. It pumps your cells full of energy and helps strengthen the natural healing processes as well as muscle performance. It’s anti-aging so your cells will renew faster and damaged cells will be destroyed faster.
Other things to do while taking ASEA:

Eat organic foods.


Drink lots of water.

If you take both Restore and ASEA, separate them by 15 minutes.
ASEA is an oxygen redox molecule for mitochondrial communication throughout the body, and it helps repair damaged cells. Here’s more of the science behind ASEA:

MMS- Master Mineral Solution: A water based Oxidation Cleanser and Detoxifier for your Body.
MMS is a product and a ministry created by a former missionary and a former goldminer. The basic chemistry of MMS is used all over the world in all types of industries to clean water. However they discovered it can also be used to cleanse your body from the inside! They started using this product to healed so many different diseases in so many different countries, that they ended up starting a non-religious church to spread their message. They spread the message with a church instead of a business to protect themselves from lawsuits and police attacks by the Governments/Pharmaceutical industries. This is the least expensive of these oxidation products and there are even instructions you can use to make your own!

Here is more of the science behind MMS:!/G2-Sacramental-Kit/p/46564880/category=11018238

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