Signs & Wonders can’t change Truth

Signs & Wonders get attention but they cannot save the soul… Only the proper response to CONVICTION can.
Luke 16

31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

True signs and wonders are sent to confirm true doctrine. False signs and wonders are sent to confirm false doctrine.

Other than that they can be exactly the same! The psychic can read your mail just like the true prophet and the false prophet. Don’t be deceived by great works, encouraging signs, or miracles. Hold fast to Truth!

i move my soul for truth and love

I move my soul for Truth and Covenant Love – not emotion, not lust, not beauty, not art, not rhythm, not genius, not pride, not excellence, not advantage, not power.

a Pure WORD is for a Pure HEART

A Pure WORD is only the beginning…. A Pure HEART is the End Goal!!!
1 Timothy 1:5 Now the END of the COMMANDMENT is Charity (Love) out of a PURE Heart, and of a Good Conscience, and of Faith Unfeigned (not faked)…

Calvinism & American Slavery

Calvinism is  part of the root cause of slavery in this nation. John Wesley and George Whitfield were contemporaries. Wesley preached against slavery. George Whitfield, a Calvinist, preached in favor of slavery, for the sake of profit and creating a succesful nation. Georgia was a state that had banned slavery until Whitfield preached and promoted it. George Whitfield is considered the spiritual founding father of America. How’s that for division? Spiritual caste systems helped create political and economic caste systems.

Pure Religion is Compassionate AND Clean

Righteousness mixed with filthiness is ineffective. Holiness mixed with injustice is hypocritical. Its important to be both Holy AND Righteous. Both Compassionate AND Clean. The Father’s Pure Religion is not only to VISIT the poor, fatherless and widow – but also to keep yourself UNSPOTTED from this sinful world.
The Grace of Jesus is the power to do this.

Emotions are the Slave. Logic is the Master.

Emotions can either help you or kill you. Logical decision making will only help you. Make sure your feelings are the slave, not the master.

Are You Calvinist or Arminianist? I’m a Bride & Bridegroomist.

The Holy Spirit chooses to describe salvation with the analogy of a bride & bridegroom. Who chooses, the Bride or the Bridegroom? Answer is: both. It’s not pride or self-glorification: we are made in the image of God. Simple truth. Foolish men choose to argue about Calvinism & Arminianism. Thats why these silly arguments go on for centuries.