Stiff-necks eventually get Snapped

If you don’t want the warning BEFORE the judgement… Then you don’t want the warning to repentance AFTER the judgement either?

That’s when you know you are just stiff-necked and don’t want the Word of God at all.

The issue is not timing or delivery, you just hate His Word! You actually think that God doesn’t have a right to warn you. Your neck is not harder than His Word and it might get snapped.

The reality that is some people just don’t like the Word of God. You can kiss them on the cheek, rub their back, feed them food, show them compassion, and give them money while you preach the truth, but they will still reject God’s warnings. They only want His kindness. Romans 11:22 commands us to behold both the Kindness AND the Severity of God.

The meek respond to the Word of God differently than the stiff-necked. The WORD is the same, the NECK is the difference!

The meek shall inherit the earth, and delight themselves in the abundance of peace. Psalms 37:11

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