Babylon: Queen of Traffic Control

Babylon: Trafficking in Slaves and Souls

Opium was more central to the beginning economy of the USA than Cotton and sugar. There is nothing new under the sun.

Slavery (chattel, sexual, prison) and Sorcery (Chinese Opium wars, war on drugs, multiple heroin epidemics, cocaine epidemic, pharmaceuticals) continues to be foundational to the economy of America the Babylon.

  • Revelations 18 makes it clear.
  • Historical research confirms it.
  • Current events make it painful to see.

Babylon: Queen of the Drug Game

Sorcerous Drugs are heavily controlled and made illegal because a black market is more profitable for those that control shipping industries and trade routes (water/air/roads).

Governments are also able generate more profits and fund occupying armies, police, and weapons manufacturing if there is a war on drugs to fight.

Standing armies can also get paid to protect the production of the same drugs they claim to be fighting against.

Whoever controls the traffic is in control of the trafficking.

  • If you want to create a dependent economic market, sell drugs.
  • If you want to send an army, make those drugs illegal.
  • Then Babylon gets paid both ways: via the Traffic – and via the War to “slow down” the traffic.

The broken lives and broken families and ravaged communities of the drug users – whether they are Chinese peasants in the 1800s, inner city crackheads of the 1980s, or rural American heroin addicts – are not the actual drug business… They are simply Babylon’s cost of doing business.

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