Babylon Dreams or Kingdom Dreams

In the kingdom of God, there is no rush to “make it” or “blow up” while you are young. Because the kingdom of God is not based on prostituting the sexual energy, strength, and physical attractiveness of our youth.

The Babylon system rushes us to prostitute our gifts and talents to the highest bidder because the Babylon mindset is to use our peak sexuality and peak strength to entice lust and gain power over others.

In in the kingdom there is no rush for exposure or success. You can be patient, follow your heart, diligently use your gifts to serve, bear fruit in your season, submit to elders, put family and children first, commit yourself to God, serve the Congregation, etc.

Which mentality dominates your pursuit of your dreams? Do you have to “make it” or do you pursue obedience and patience? This determines whether you will eventually end up serving the kingdom of Babylon or the Kingdom of God.

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