develop a taste for words

Develop a Taste for Words::: Any culture that communicates more through images and music than thru words is headed quickly backwards towards paganism.

Words are used to inform the mind. Images and music can be used to bypass the mind and manipulate the emotions. When our minds are lazy, we get the culture we deserve.

Overstimulating the senses through Entertainment leads to dullness of the Spirit & density of the Mind.
Read the Scriptures!

I’m not saying that images and art are wrong or that we can’t use them, but really that our motivation for action should be based on logic and the logos (the Word of God).

God doesn’t manipulate, because He doesn’t need to. His information is truth. His primary communication is with WORDS. He mainly uses dreams and visions as confirmations, final warnings, or follow ups (seals) to His written or spoken WORDS.

The Devils information is a lie, so the devil needs to use manipulation to communicate with us. This is why most paganism and idolatry is based on images, relics, icons, music, and art – instead of the WORDS (logos, logic) of truth.

Don’t let media & entertainment, or visuals & music dumb you down. Develop a taste for WORDS.

Job 34:3 “For the ear trieth words, as the mouth tasteth meat.”

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