God’s Affection and Rewards are Different from Man’s

God has more affection and greater rewards for good & faithful service than He has for excellent execution.
Elijah ran from Jezebel scared and depressed, he couldn’t get the job done. He still got a chariot from heaven. 
Jehu stepped in, got the job done and became king, but ended up punished and condemned for his idolatry. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.

Supernatural can be Antichrist

So many are falling for deceiving spirits, lying signs and wonders, and strong delusions because they rejected the LOVE of the TRUTH. They think supernatural = God.

False! Supernatural can be antichrist too. Learn to LOVE the TRUTH!


Don’t Reject the Law of Liberty

Rejecting God’s Law of Liberty leads to us creating our own failed laws of liberty.

Make Sure your Bible comes from the Textus Receptus

I had no idea how many of the new bible translations were corrupted. Now it makes total sense why people that read some bibles have a lot of trouble believing in Jesus Christ being Lord and Savior. (Get rid of your NIV’s, NASBs, ASVs, etc).

Here are the modern English Bibles Based on the RECEIVED TEXTS (Original Texts that Original Christians Spread across the Body of Christ around the world). Make a note of this:
• Tyndale New Testament 1526-1530
• Coverdale Bible 1535
• Matthew Bible 1537
• Great Bible 1539
• Geneva Bible 1560-1644
• Bishops’ Bible 1568
• King James Version 1611,1613,1629,1664,1701,1744,1762,1769,1850
• Quaker Bible 1764
• Webster’s Revision 1833
• Young’s Literal Translation 1862
• Julia E. Smith Parker Translation 1876
• Darby Bible 1884,1890[citation needed]
• Green’s Literal Translation 1985. Included in The Interlinear Translation 1986.
• Third Millennium Bible 1998 [29]
• Divine Name King James Bible 2011
• Modern English Version 2014 [30]
• King James Version 2016

spirit of antichrist: defends people who offend Christ

The spirit of antiChrist will have you sensitive about who people say they are – but have little concern about who those same people say Jesus Christ is. We defend people who offend Christ.

judas betrays with affection 

Judas did not betray Jesus Christ with animosity. He betrayed Him with a kiss of affection. 
The most powerful spirits of AntiChrist first pose as followers of Christ. They fake affection for Gods Commandments first, then they betray Gods purposes with idolatry, disobedience, and perdition.

discernment sandwhich 

If you cannot make discerning judgements on fruits (end results) and origins (beginning intents), you will be easily deceived by a bunch of confusing facts in the middle.