Whose Who? Teaching Series Clarifying Bible Prophecy

A Christ-centered teaching series with a fresh Biblical look at Biblical prophecy regarding Who are the Scattered Tribes of Israel, Who is Babylon, and Who are the Jews that Lie… Natural Identity helps us understand the Bible but if our Spiritual Identity is not in Christ, then we have no hope.

The Lord knows those that are His. Let him that nameth the name of Christ depart from Iniquity.

What’s more important than who you are is Whose you Are!


what Revival is and is NOT

Revival doesn’t come from the investments of millionaires into buildings, houses, and jobs, or investments in marketing hype and positivity.
Revival comes when a critical mass of disobedient Christians repent, invest their hearts into the Word of God and become more obedient to the Word of God.

Don’t be a person that Blasphemes the Holy Spirit and despises the gifts of the Spirit.

Don’t be a person that Blasphemes the Holy Spirit and despises the gifts of the Spirit.
Jesus taught that satan can’t cast out satan, and if you call the deliverance work of the Holy Spirit satanic, your children will judge you for it.
Matthew 12
26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?
27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.
Jesus also taught that blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the only sin that will never be forgiven.
Matthew 12
31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.
32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

When God wants change he calls for self sacrifice not self preservation

Spiritual Vision and Wisdom will cause you to invest in your own demise when God calls it for the greater good. John the Baptist said “I must decrease”, Jesus said “the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of men.”
Every major stage of growth in the kingdom of God begins with God giving someone a vision of self-sacrifice instead of self-preservation.

This doesn’t mean commit suicide but it does mean sometimes we need to let our names and reputations die so that Gods word can be magnified.


lucifer was the first Christian artist to make it big secular 

Lucifer was the first Christian artist to make it big secular by taking the gifts and talents honed in Gods presence, and changing the worship of God to the worship of self. It’s not that hard to do at all, it’s actually older than time and easy as pie.

The first person in history to risk it all for freedom from rules, laws, and restrictions – his name is Lucifer. Satan is our generation’s greatest hero.

Let your gift make room for you not satan

Your gift will make room for you even if it it has nothing to do with the Satanic music & entertainment industry. 
How about your gift making room for a successful marriage, a successful family, a holy congregation, and a prosperous and protected city (Psalm 127)? How about your gift making room for the presence of God? (Psalm 24)?

different but equal – created to reflect Gods Glory!

All ethnicities are not the same but we are all equal, of one blood and made in the image of God. God created us not to be separate but to be unified in giving Him glory and expressing His Beauty in the earth. I pray we would become like a beautiful diverse garden in the care of a master gardener. Father let your kingdom come and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Samaritans can’t teach us worship but they can show us how to Love our Neighbor

Samaritans did not know God. Jesus told them they didn’t even know how to worship. But Jesus used a Samaritan as an example to show His disciples how to love their neighbor. He portrayed the religious authorities passing on by, but the Samaritan showed love. Jesus did not say the Samaritan “got saved first” then showed his neighbor love. Jesus did not call him “good Samaritan” either (man added that). Jesus simply used the Samaritan as an example of showing love – to instruct His disciples on how to show love.
So Jesus taught His disciples humility at the same time He taught them how to love their neighbor. 
Believers we are NOT called to partner with the ungodly, that does not mean that every single thing an ungodly person does is wrong. Sometimes we believers need to humble ourselves and follow the example of a Samaritan in order to follow Christ. Samaritans cannot teach us how to worship but sometimes Jesus uses them to teach us how to love our neighbor.

Suppressing the Truth is an Act of Unrighteousness

Suppressing the Truth is an act of Unrighteousness::

When God has revealed a certain TRUTH – that has within it the power to set people FREE – and we choose to SUPPRESS that truth to keep the Status Quo in order, then we are GUILTY before God in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.

Gods revelation of knowledge is FREELY RECEIVED and FREELY GIVEN.

Never let FEAR OF MAN turn you into into an ungodly unrighteousness person that SUPPRESSES the EVIDENT TRUTH because you think people aren’t “ready” for it.

That in itself is sin, and it has tremendous consequences.

Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,

positive preachers are fake. Negative preachers are fake too

Positive preachers are fake. Negative preachers are fake. Reality is balanced. God Is real. 
God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sow that’s what he reaps. When we sow to our flesh we reap corruption. When we sow to our spirit we reap everlasting life (Gal 6).
Bad decisions have bad long term consequences. Good decisions have good long term results. A godly heart can rejoice when God rejoices, and weep when God weeps.