music industry trickery 

Please don’t be that person who loves to ask for the truth of the Word and acts like they want to be Biblical… but then when the Bible gives them a guideline they don’t want to submit to, they blame the Holy Spirit for their special relationship that allows them to transgress His Word. #trickery #slickcraft

Last week I was talking to a major gospel artist with a new hit radio song about gospel musicians who “go both ways.” First he said “you’ve got to stick to the Word, love songs aren’t necessary unbiblical.” 

So I agreed, love songs aren’t necessarily unbiblical, Song of Solomon is a love song. but the bible is clear that evil associations corrupt good manners. Look at the fruit of those that partner and have contracts with ungodly publishing companies. They become corrupted eventually, and it effects their fruit and their family. 

Then he said “I don’t agree, because at first I was upset with Kirk & Kanye, but then the Spirit checked me…”                    

So BASICALLY: I can use the Word to do what I want – but out of order – but then when the Word tells me HOW to do something, I’ll blame the Holy Spirit for allowing me to go against the WORD. That’s pretty much how this conversation ALWAYS goes when you talk to people in the music industry. He was a good hearted guy, but whether he knew it or not, that’s trickery. If he stays in that deception for too long, he will be effected.

Let’s do our own thing because the Bible says we can do more than what “the church” is doing now… Because the church ain’t doing this, and the church ain’t doing that. But then when the Bible gives us GUIDELINES on how to do those things… Lets transgress those guidelines and then blame it on our RELATIONSHIP with the Holy Spirit. Be careful lest you start blaspheming the Holy Ghost.

The Word and the Holy Spirit are in perfect agreement. You can’t play the Word and the Spirit against each other. You can’t play God against God, that witchcraft don’t work.

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