Euro-Christian Culture Breakdown

If I left home and told my oldest son to take care of his brothers and I gave him access to the food. Then instead of feeding and serving his brothers he ridiculed them for how much younger and weaker they were than him, and how he talked much faster and clearer than the toddlers. Then he beat them down and ate their food. What type of punishment would my eldest son receive when I got back home?

Jesus told a parable about the servant who was entrusted with authority in his masters house. His purpose was to feed and develop the other servants. Instead he decided to beat them and abuse them instead of shepherding and cultivating them. When the master returns the Bible says that servant will be beaten with many stripes. How clueless and stupid would that servant have to be for him to continue to complain and blame the other servants for the beating that he is about to receive from his master for his own actions?


Through many great men of God, Europe was entrusted with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many great Europeans gave their lives for the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God into salvation and it carries with a tremendous wisdom effectiveness and cultural event. However instead of just exporting the gospel, Europe also exported genocide, slavery, greed, sorcery, harlotry, and idolatry. Instead of giving their lives for the gospel and being content with the fruit of it, many people decided to export conquest and Christendom instead of the gospel of the kingdom of God. St. Patrick is now a day to remember to drink green beer. America exports just as muchΒ pornography as it does the gospel.


Now Western society is complaining about immigrants, about African Americans, about Muslims, about Hispanics etc. etc. blah blah blah… Our Conservative Christian culture is being destroyed, blah blah. If the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God, then it cannot be destroyed. The only reason its being destroyed is because we are not really living it, we have been hypocrites. Actors don’t have Godly spiritual power.


How can you complain about reaping what you have sown? If you have obeyed God, He will reward you for your work. Be satisfied with the fruit of your obedience. If you have disobeyed God, you will be punished for it. Don’t claim the blessings of the gospel and your great culture then complain about the curses that come from corrupting the gospel. When the punishment for your errors come, don’t double down on arrogance and verbal abuse. Instead seek to repent your heart back to God, break down your pride, and try obeying Him fully. Maybe He will have mercy.

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