SO MANY TOOLS of Love and Communication with God

There are SO MANY TOOLS you have at your disposal to keep your relationship with God fresh and effective:

– normal Bible reading
– prayer in your understanding
– prayer in the Spirit
– a Proverb of the day
– a Psalm of the day
– going to a prayer meeting
– preaching the gospel to someone in need
– giving to the poor or speaking out for the oppressed
– fasting once a week
– praying with your prayer partner at a certain time every day
– singing a scripture out loud
– reading a chapter in Scripture out loud
– singing a praise or worship song
– making up your own song out of a scripture
– turning a scripture into a prayer
– noontime prayer
– evening prayer
– early-morning prayer
– writing out a scripture by hand
– journaling out or drawing a visual of something that God has shown you…

Try to or three of these things out for the rest of this week! Then, if you get bored with those, try out two or three more!

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