Government does not have a right to kill at will

Romans 13 tells us that government powers are the ministers of God. If that is true, then government ministers are to be held to a higher standard. “Kill anyone you think did something wrong, for whatever reason you want to, at any time, especially when you’re angry or scared” is neither a Biblical right, nor a Constitutional right for any government official. Governments that allow this continually, will feel the wrath of God. Always have, always will.

You hypocrites, don’t you know that the sword of the Lord cuts both ways?

Respect the police, and obey authority. If they ask for 1 mile, give them 2. God will reward you and replace wicked authority very quickly. Everyone will reap what they sow from God, whether they be black/white police/thug, from the regular person to the super rich lawyer manipulating laws with lies. God sees!

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