CALVINISM REFUTED: Research on John Calvin and Calvinism


Never allow intellectual pride to pass for Spirit-filled Christianity.

Thanks to Nephtali1981 on Youtube and for the research:

One Scripture Revealing Christ who Revealed the Father:

Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, HOW OFTEN WOULD I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and YE WOULD NOT!



Links to Quotes:

1. Letter to Farel, 13 February 1546

“Servetus lately wrote to me, and coupled with his letter a long volume of his delirious fancies, with the Thrasonic boast, that I should see something astonishing and unheard of. He offers to come hither, if it be agreeable to me. But I am unwilling to pledge my word for his safety, FOR IF HE SHALL COME, I SHALL NEVER PERMIT HIM TO DEPART ALIVE, PROVIDED MY AUTHORITY BE OF ANY AVAIL”

2. Calvin justifying the use of the SWORD BY THE CHURCH.  Harmony of the Gospels; commentary on Matthew 13:39 – written in 1555

“This passage has been most improperly abused by the Anabaptists, and by others like them, to take from the Church the power of the sword. But it is easy to refute them; for since they approve of excommunication, which cuts off, at least for a time, the bad and reprobate, why may not godly magistrates, when necessity calls for it, use the sword against wicked men? They reply that, when the punishment is not capital, there is room allowed for repentance; as if the thief on the cross (Luke 23:42) did not find the means of salvation. I shall satisfy myself with replying, that Christ does not now speak of the office of pastors or of magistrates, but removes the offense which is apt to disturb weak minds, when they perceive that the Church is composed not only of the elect, but of the polluted dregs of society. ”

3. Letter to the Marquis du Poet, Grand Chamberlain of the Queen of Navarre, 30 September 1561

Honour, glory, and riches will be the reward of your pains. Above all do not fail to rid the country of all those zealous scoundrels that stir up the people to make head against us. Such monsters should be smothered, as I have done here by Michel Servetus the Spaniard.

(; in Letters of John Calvin, Vol. IV, edited by Jules Bonnet; translated by Marcus Robert Gilchrist, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1858, p. 434)

4. Preface to Commentary on the Psalms, Vol. 1, 22 July 1557   Visit to read the entire commentary. Once again describing the type of man that John Calvin is and this is from CALVIN UNIVERSITY…


5.  Wow did John Calvin love to use the SWORD to kill anyone who was against his doctrine.  Here he is once again instigating more deaths.  Are these fake too? You would think that the Calvin family remaining alive would be able to sue all of these people including John Calvin UNIVERSITY itself.  In this case, the link of a reformed website.

Letter to the Protector [Duke] Somerset, Regent of England, 22 October 1548

“From what I am given to understand, Monseigneur, there are two kinds of rebels who have risen up against the King and the Estates of the Kingdom. (1) The one, a fantastical sort of persons, who, under color of the Gospel, would put all into confusion. (2) The others are persons who persist in the superstitions of the Roman Antichrist. BOTH ALIKE DESERVE TO BE REPRESSED BY THE SWORD WHICH IS COMMITTED TO YOU, since they not only attack the King, but strive with God, who has placed him upon a royal throne, and has committed to you the protection as well of his person as of his majesty.”

The Hypocrisy of the Pharisees

LOL at the covetous hypocrites… talented actors… aka Pharisees that try to eat the flock of God instead of feed the flock of God. Lawsuits for Public Relations? Wow.

“Katy Perry’s lawyer is going to have a field day.”

Dr. Mildred Jefferson: Pro-Life Abolitionist Leader

Give Others Your Beauty

If you were made beautiful, it’s your job to help other people feel beautiful. If you were made smart, it’s your job to help other people become smart. If you were made bold, it’s your job to help other people be bold. If you were made holy by Christ, it’s your job to help others be made holy by Christ. Don’t be selfish and prideful – Love Your Neighbor the same way you Love Yourself!

How does obedience disqualify me again?

If your DISobedience doesn’t disqualify you from success in God (thru Gods mercy and my repentance), then how in the world does your OBEDIENCE to God disqualify you from success in God??? Lol tell that devil to shut up!

No seriously, next time the Accuser of the brethren tells you that your obedience to God is an offense or a blacklist or too dangerous for your marketing image, Laugh Out Loud!!! God rewards those that diligently seek HIM! His hands hold what you need!

Focusing on Jesus instead of Dead or Dying Men

I believe that those free from heresy prove it by having the ability to focus on Jesus Christ. That’s the proof of the Holy Ghost. Once you identify yourself with a dead man instead of the Resurrected One, you begin to give him glory instead of Christ. That in itself is heresy. In 1 Cor 11:19 basically says sects come so the ones that DONT join them can prove themselves to be followers of Christ.

Theres nothing wrong with what we see in 1 Cor 11:1, following a person as they follow Christ, that’s just discipleship. Reading and understanding a portion of Christ that has been given to someone in the past is good diligence in studying the Word of God.

There is something wrong with what we see in 1 Cor 11:19, heresy, which is like a divisive political party spirit in the church. When you desire to identify with a dead man that is not your Daddy and you dont know personally, that goes a little farther than discipleship.

Jesus is still alive. That’s just one of the main differences between him and other historical teachers of the Gospel. No matter how great a person’s ministry or teaching was, they still died. Jesus is still with us in the person of the Holy Spirit. Exalt Him!

How do you know the difference between if you are following a leader as they follow Christ, or idolizing a leader unknowingly a spirit of heresy, division, or error?

– When they are dead spiritually or naturally you still follow them as if they were alive spiritually or naturally.

– Whenever they are mentioned in a non-worshipful way, you get angry and/or defend them.

– You have a strong desire to be associated with their name brand, even equal to the name brand of Jesus Christ himself.

Are there any other clues to idolatry vs leadership?

Leave it in the comments!

Jesus is Above All

Any biblical interpretation/theological tool that has you devaluing or dismissing the wisdom of Jesus Christ (“because he was talking to Jews, because he hadn’t died yet, because He hadn’t resurrected yet, because it was just a message to that church”), is a biblical interpretation/theological tool you need to flush down the toilet because that’s where it belongs. Jesus is Above All.

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