Shepherd, Wolf, or Hireling?

Shepherd, Wolf, or Hireling?

This is a great parable Jesus told to help us understand And illustrate how serious the situation is when deception comes to the Body of Christ. Its in John 10 about wolves, shepherds, and sheep.

Wolves in sheep clothing let other wolves in, and have a great reason for doing it. Hirelings flee, and have a great reason for doing so. Good Shepherd lays down His life. We follow the good shepherd.

Jesus said the hirelings flee when they see the wolf coming. Hirelings FLEE. The GOOD SHEPHERD lays down their lives for the sheep.

If we’re all shepherds, and we all see a wolf (spirit) coming into the flock, shouldn’t we all get aggressive? If there is no aggression against the wolf, are we really shepherds? Only wolves let other wolves into the flock.

What I’m saying is, we have to see these things how they really are spiritually to understand the level of aggression we should have with them.

It’s part of the job description of a spiritual leader. It’s not the only thing we do but it’s the part that protects the flock from being eaten alive spiritually. Jesus said hirelings flee when the wolf comes. We are not hirelings.

Wherever the real gospel is preached, it will also be protected. The kind and gentle shepherd will get aggressive and let the flock know when wolves are trying to creep in.

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