Even God’s harshest judgments are full of Mercy

Even in Gods harshest judgements God shows as much mercy as He possibly can. He delays and delays and delays so it can be lessened, and to see how many people He can get to turn their hearts… If we really knew the depth of Gods mercy and how affectionate He was, we would just cry… But if we don’t discern His judgements we’ll never really understand His Mercy.

Kind of like if you were walking across the street and somebody just came behind you and pushed you really hard, you’d be kind of mad. But then if you looked at the video and you saw the Mack truck mashing on the brakes, and the guy pushing you right out of the way as the Mack truck screeched by… You’d have a whole nother perspective. Gods judgements aren’t real to most people that’s why they don’t like pushy prophetic preachers that are trying to push them away from the pathway of the screeching Mack truck.

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