The Church is Meant to Be Relevant to the Time of Christ’s Return and the Rewards Coming With Him

The church is full of people who insist on making it relevant to the times when it was never intended to be relevant to any time. Even in Christ days, it stuck out like a sore thumb that’s why the disciples became martyrs. You think the world or it’s citizens wanted that message at the time? They didn’t want it then and don’t want it now. – Marlynn Love

Christianity wasn’t relevant to the greco-roman religion of Jesus’s Day.

Its not relevant to the greco-roman american religion of today.

The Church was meant to be relevant to the Time of Christ’s Return and the Rewards that He’s bringing with Him. Why? Because obedience to God’s will in your time is what gives you the Greatest Reward, Authority, and Eternal Promotion in the time of Jesus Christ’s Return.

That’s why we live Holy and set apart for God’s purposes, that’s why we practice pure religion instead of entertainment based respect of persons and tradition.

History is HIS story, and a kingdom perspective seeks to do what God is saying in their time to create His will, not to adjust to the temporary ways of the age. That’s what gives you the reward according to your work from Christ… Understanding the time you live in, and bringing the will of God into it.

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