God’s Goodness in Context

Sometimes I think that since life is so fun and God has been good to me in so many different ways, that maybe when I praise Him and pray He’ll start giving me happier messages and nicer teachings. Then He just hands me a sharper, bigger, and more accurate sword to swing against evil.

That’s when I realize that these words are really to save a generation that He cares so much about. I get tired of going against the grain, but once your eyes have been opened, it’s really hard to close them again. I don’t even look for stuff anymore, I just see what He shows me.

I know people with similar revelation to me that won’t say too much publicly, but they are protecting themselves and their family against the destruction to come. But I can’t just do that – I also have to give the warnings and actively address the spiritual root causes, because that’s the only real way to save lives.

Gods goodness leads men to repentance, but people don’t ask for light until they know it’s dark. God is Good though, and He wants to save as many as possible, not with clever tools of men, but with the Word of God!

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