Real MEN operate Kingdom not Babylon

I always counsel… Never date until you are ready to marry. Never marry until you are ready to have children and raise Godly Seed. God’s Blessing is Amazingly Beautiful, but God’s Purposes are Not Mocked… We need more MEN that are prepared to Imitate God rather than imitate the World. Money is never the issue, the Heart is the issue.

If you wait for unrighteous mammon in order to obey God, you are training your heart and preparing for obedience to the beast and antichrist system. If you obey God and work and save and give diligently and obey God without regard to unrighteous mammon, you are training yourself to walk in the Kingdom of God. Real Kingdom men figure out ways to obey God with or without money.

In family, business, and ministry- operate KINGDOM!

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