Joseph, Esther, and Daniel all worked for Secular Governments

Joseph? Esther? Daniel? They all were stolen, captured (Daniel was castrated)… and forcefully taken by a wicked government. They all risked their physical lives to obey God even in their situation. Show me a “music minister” that has been abducted and forced to make secular music or partner with a wicked company, then decided to risk his life to live holy instead.
You can’t because compromise is driven by ignorance, spiritual adultery and covetousness, not by obedient and sacrificial leadership.

Government is a ministry given by God. Also, working with inanimate objects is much different than working in entertainment. God has the heart of the leader in his hands, even if they are wicked.

The illogical leap is made when we equivocate Daniel being captured by Babylon to “I’ve got to make this bread with Sony/Bad boy/Disney”

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