The Church in Acts had No Rehearsals, No Performances

I love music, but when the 3000 were saved in Acts 2… it wasn’t because the church was having rehearsals. It was because of the Holy Spirit moved through prayer. 3000 didn’t get saved because Peter rehearsed his message and performed his preaching with great talent. It was because the Church had a life of prayer that filled them with the Holy Ghost. When the Church can count more prayer meetings than rehearsals and performances, that’s when the lives will be changed, the cities will be changed, the cultures will be changed.

But isn’t there ministry in song?

Trust me I know there’s ministry in song:-) I’ve promoted music for years. But I can also tell you I’ve had more prayer meetings than rehearsals, and that the performance was never the end goal… I’m not saying music is wrong,  I’m just saying we have to know where the true power lies – in God.

When we change our focus, the ministry changes over time to become something man-centered instead of God centered. Satan is the one always trying to turn prayer and worship and true preaching into performance and talent worship. Satan uses this perversion of worship to spread iniquity, just like he did when he became satan and was kicked out of heaven.

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