BIBLICAL LITERACY and the Spirit of Wisdom that comes from the obedience thereof is THE NUMBER ONE key to success in all manners of life, and the blessing that comes from it extends to a THOUSAND GENERATIONS.

Deuteronomy 7:9
Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;

The Jews are known for their financial success around the world in every nation, because their biblical culture forced them to read the Torah and become literate in wisdom even when their society was primarily agricultural, and it didn’t even make sense to go to school.

A German, Martin Luther, brought back the authority of the Word of GOD to the Church in a time where normal people couldn’t even read the bible! He came up with systems of theology and is it a coincidence that Germans are known for having the leadership in engineering systems even to this day? No.

The English gave us the King James version of the Bible and then proceeded to impact the cultures of the entire world with industrial and colonial revolutions. Is that a coincidence? No.

Let’s not forget the good old US of A, where Puritans sacrificed their lives to create a place where they could worship God in Spirit and Truth. Truth brought Freedom, and the Spirit brought liberty that has changed the world politically, economically, and culturally.

Not to mention all the numerous huge inventions and advances in science, politics, and culture that have come directly from biblical literacy and the fear of the Lord.

All wisdom comes from or is an indirect result of the blessing of God and Biblical literacy. Those that reject Gods Word will eventually fail, and fail hard… Though some vestiges of natural wisdom will remain because of Gods mercy.

It’s also very true that Gods wisdom can easily be corrupted by wicked men to do perverted things. (There are African slaves, German Jews, and Native Americans that can tell you all about that.) Wisdom can be corrupted and used to oppress. God usually doesn’t steal His wisdom back, though He could (like when Nebuchadnezzar became a goat). But just because men can corrupt it doesn’t mean we can’t use it correctly!

But the problem is: today, if I tell a man to read the bible, or engage in something pertaining to biblical literacy, and the obedience and understanding thereof, what do I get?

“aww, thats too deep”
“we don’t need all those scriptures”
“we’re not Pharisees or theologians”

It’s time for this generation to rise up in biblical literacy, because Christ has all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Him. The bible has the keys of knowledge that unlock success in every sphere of life.

But the greatest benefit of biblical literacy is that it allows the Holy Spirit to do SO MUCH MORE in your soul to make the desires of God real in your life – to glorify JESUS.

I believe it’s time for people from EVERY tribe tongue nation and culture to join in biblical literacy and the obedient Wisdom of our Father and Creator under the leadership of Jesus Christ thru the Holy Spirit. Let’s end the ignorance and put the blessing on our families for a thousand generations!

Step 1. Read the Bible every year from cover to cover.

Step 2. Let the Holy Spirit inspire you to meditate, speak, and do specific instructions from God

Step 3. Read books that explain the bible from different perspectives. Make sure these are trustworthy people, not performers, hypocrites, or mere intellectuals. Use your own intelligence and ask God for understanding of the Scriptures.

Step 4. Listen to preachers and teachers that constantly refer to the bible.

Step 5. Discuss topics from the bible with your family & friends daily, informally and formally. Be serious about obeying what you learn.

Step 6. Repeat every year.

Step 7. After 10 years, you have passed Stage 1 in establishing a culture of biblical literacy in your family!

Congratulations. Repeat; every 10 years is a new level.

Optional Step: sing old & new testament book songs in church so everybody can easily memorize where each book is!

Optional Step 2: Make up songs from Scriptures, and use them to worship God and instruct each other!

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