BirthCONTROL :: Who’s Supposed To Have It?

(An excerpt from a FaceBook Post)

BirthCONTROL… Controlling birth (when birth happens, how many times it happens, if it happens) isn’t that supposed to be God’s job? Or do we not believe He knows what is best and who should be born when? Do we think God will mess up and accidentally give us too many children? Birth control is an attempt to take control from God, as if He cannot be trusted with how many children we have.

Esosa KillingIdols Yeah that’s true, when you take control you take the risk out, the reward out, the faith out, the sacrifice out, the fun out, the blessing out, you literally take God out of sex in a married. No wonder the culture is messed up and the church is misusing its authority and actually paving the way for abortion by literally cheapening sex and not really seeing children as a blessing in real life. Birth control was actually invented for genocidal purposes against the black race after slavery. And to this day it’s most heavily funded to the African diaspora. Because Satan knows the role that blacks have in the deliverance of the last generation and he wants to prevent and “abort” it for as long as possible. Oh boy you done got me started… Theres so many blessings that come from obedience that you won’t even know until you obey!

  • Shereena Monique I am referring to anything that will attempt to take away God’s freedom in bringing new life through sex in marriage. I have read the story of Onan, and yes he did it out of spite, but whatever his reason He wanted to take control away from God. My husband and I used to use condoms. We always wanted lots of children, but wanted to CONTROL when we had them. Then a friend of mine shared a sermon with us on the issue and we were totally convicted, had to repent and allow God to control birth in our marriage. Scriptural reasons: God seeks children from marriage Malachai 2:15, Psalm 127 says children are a reward and you are blessed when you have many of them, and we are instructed to not depend on our understanding but God’s in Proverbs 3:5-7. And also we control birth based on our own “wisdom”, what we think is right, but there is no wisdom that is higher than God’s wisdom Proverbs 21:30.
  • Shereena Monique Also, the same person that pushed for legalized abortion, is the same one that pushed birth control. And she was funded by people and groups who wanted to control the birth rate of blacks after slavery. The church speaks out against abortion, the killing of babies, but we reject babies through birth-control and do not want to receive children from God either.
    Esosa KillingIdols The first instruction was be fruitful & multiply, next was take dominion in sea air land, (dominion over natural resources and real wealth)… Next dress & keep the garden, order, preservation and beauty of property. So much wealth and wisdom in our people is limited because we limit Gods blessing purposefully…. Our faith is misplaced in the American dream but God’s dream is infinitely bigger and literally better.
  • Shereena Monique This is a fundamental issue that the body of Christ has to agree with God on. It is His way, His plan and His story. Once we agree with Him we can move on to take proper authority in other areas as Esosa KillingIdols pointed out. Yes, children are a TON of HARD, NEVER ENDING WORK! They are messy, inconvenient, and can be very difficult to care for…BUT we have to see the end from the beginning. We sacrifice and put the work into them, train them to love and serve God first then love and serve others, and we have disciples going out into the earth to proclaim the kingdom of God in every sphere. And our mundane, day to day work of loving, training and building them gets rewarded by God. Sacrifice for reward…a basic principle in God that works every time.

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