Just take Jesus Out of Everything

I could make Genesis about science.

I could make Job about mental health and counseling.

I could make Song of Solomon about marriage.

I could make Paul’s Epistles about leadership and management.

I could make the Psalms about poetry.

I could make Proverbs about business.

I could make the Gospels about motivation and personal development.

I could make the Book of Revelations a horror flick.

But when you are filled with the Holy Ghost, you don’t seek to find ways to reject the prophetic meaning of art.

When you have the Holy Spirit inside you, you realize that All Is For the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Those that love Jesus desire His manifestation and glory in all things, and they don’t accomplish the will of God without Holiness unto His purposes. Ministry gifts and artistic gifts of expression must point to the only one Worthy of worship, or they will end up worthless.

For more – Read “Being Married to Christ in a Day of Talented Spiritual Prostitutes

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