Roots in the Blood

just found out my great great great great great great Grandfather… was mixed son of a slave and slavemaster. His father raised him as his son, and he ended up becoming free from slavery, getting saved, and becoming a preacher, and he preached in white and black churches in the 1820s back when that was unheard of. His wife was mixed also, and they started a school for black children. His name – Luke Florence. I just named my son Champion Luke and had no idea about this… wow.

So for a couple years I’ve noticed that many in my mothers side have anointings (God given responsibilities) for preaching, education, and missionary work to youth. But I thought it came from my grandparents. Now I know it goes way back further than that. And now I see the reason why we tend to have callings for racial unity and reconciliation as well.

Realize you can’t run from your purpose it’s in your blood!

And even if its not in your blood its in THE BLOOD of JESUS!

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