Should I speed date, slow date, or get a Word from God?

Why do some Christians get married so fast?

If I want to get married should I speed date, online date, or date for three years?

If its a word from God it won’t take long. If its a word from your sexual organs or emotions it won’t last long.

There’s no formula for dating, dating doesn’t even exist in the bible. Marriage is simply a covenant – a promise that you make and keep with God.

A successful Kingdom marriage has to be started and be sustained by BOTH the Rhema (direct, spoken) and Logos (written, general) word of God. That is the only way for a successful Christian marriage covenant.

Does every person get a direct word?

Yes. If you’re human, God gives direct Words… It doesn’t always have to be a deep supernatural trance, or audible voice – but however God speaks to you.

Humans shall not live by bread alone, but by every rhema Word from God as it proceeds from His mouth. – Jesus Christ

Like my Mother says “God is a God of Exactness.”

Everyone that wants to acknowledge God has access to His voice and many have access to His written verses. We live our lives by His Word, and that most definitely includes our marriages.

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