sometimes fake maturity and false humility can be a JOKE:-D

Sometimes artificial maturity and false humility can be a joke:

“Devil it’s okay, I forgive you… Continue to come against my purpose, have your way in my family, corrupt the Church, and deceive and destroy my generation… I’m mature enough to forgive you and move on…







(90s jokes:-)

Don’t be a joke in real life. Fight the battle that matters in the Spirit, not in the flesh – the fight of faith.

3 Responses

  1. I will never forgive satan for what he has done to get thrown out of Heaven and trying to destroy the people of God, which includes my family. He is a list, the Father of lies, and a receiver. He will never be forgiven by my father, who is God Almighty or myself. People of God remain on the battle field for the Lord, continue to fight the good fight of faith. Stand when there’s nothing to do, just stand for righteousness and continue to do the will of the LORD!!!!

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