Our New Book – How to Get Rich and Have More Better Sex in Your Life Now!

Let’s Be HONEST!

We have just released a new book “Killing Idols for REVIVAL.”

But if our new book was called “How to Get Rich and Have More Better Sex in your Life Now” – it would be a New York Times Bestseller!

But it’s actually called “Killing Idols for REVIVAL: A Behind the Scenes Look at 9 Enemies of Gods Harvest” and we believe it’s a supernatural and scriptural message that will help the Kingdom of God manifest quicker in the earth.

So we need Support from YOU, those that want to see Revival, God’s Harvest, and the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ very soon. If you weren’t interested in that, you probably wouldn’t be following this blog!

Order it today at http://killingidols.com!

Also, please go to  http://killingidols.com and ‘share’ it on your facebook page or twitter.

This message will NOT STOP; obedience is the whole point of our doing this. It was a supernatural experience, and this is a supernatural book. So we are Killing Idols for REVIVAL!

Click here to get this 196 page book directly via paypal – 


Or go to  http://killingidols.com and click ‘order here.’


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