The Horn of Africa is Called to Sound an Alarm | Countdown to the Call Detroit 11-11-11: Day 24 –

The Horn of Africa is Called to Sound an Alarm

This word was sent to me by my cousin Mya, who is a missionary to Haiti. It’s not only on accurate, but it is so similar to what God has been showing us related to the specific calling of Detroit and to the entire black ethnic group African Diaspora in general. To be a leader of the nations in worship and bring Him a pure offering (Returning A Pure Language), to preach the gospel to those from the Middle East, and to be a company of intercessory priests and missionaries for the nation of Israel.

The Horn of Africa is Called to Sound an Alarm

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Somalia
  3. Eritrea
  4. Djibouti
  5. Kenya
  6. Uganda
  7. Sudan
  8. Rwanda
  9. Burundi
  10. Tanzania

On the morning of October 12, 2011, I received a Word from the Lord about the Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa is comprised of four, seven or ten nations (depending on who defines it) on the easternmost tip of the continent of Africa.

The people in these nations are being called by God to proclaim the Word of the Lord—to blow the trumpet, to sound the alarm, to proclaim the times and seasons, to sound a wake-up call for the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

God is giving these nations a prophetic unction to fulfill His kingdom purposes in this hour. The people of God of in these nations—His Beloved—who answer this call will be endued with power to proclaim the Gospel with boldness, accompanied by signs and wonders (miracles, healing, raising the dead). The Church will flourish and be firmly rooted, even in the midst of persecution. They will be given power to come against the Antichrist spirit (manifested in false religions, clan structures, governments, militia groups, religious orders) that seeks to suppress the true knowledge of God in this region. They will be given a supernatural shield (protection), supernatural armor and supernatural weapons to wage war like Elijah, Elisha and other the prophets of old.

They will be unafraid, have no fear whatsoever.

They will be firebrands, burning white hot.

God will give them vision and revelation.

God will fill them with His Word, the true knowledge of God.

God will give them dreams and visions.

God is calling them for this sacred assignment (giving them this prophetic unction).

God will build His house of prayer in this region.

The Father is calling them forth in the name of Jesus to fulfill their destinies in Christ.

May God’s will be done in these nations, as it is in Heaven.

– Mya Florence

Join us on Fridays leading up to The Call and join us at The Call in TRUE REPENTANCE….

Make your way to Detroit on 11-11-11 for The Call. Pray with us. Join people all over Detroit that are fasting and praying in preparation for God to do something BIG in our city, nation, and world… NOW. Yes, NOW.

The Call

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