Forever Will I Tell, In 3 Hours Christ Suffered More Than ANY Sinner EVER Will in Hell

Forever Will I Tell, In 3 Hours Christ Suffered More Than ANY Sinner EVER Will in Hell

This is an awesome line by Timothy Brindle that was repeated as a chorus on Shai Linne’s song “The Cross (3 Hours).” It really sticks with me every time I hear it. As I was meditating on this all day today, I started to wonder… did Christ really suffer MORE than a sinner will in an ETERNITY of burning, weeping, gnashing of teeth, being eaten by worms, not being able to see light or have a physical frame of reference to balance himself (falling forever)?

Was Jesus’ beating, ridiculing, nail-piercing, blood-dripping, asphyxiating, lung-crushing death on the cross actually MORE than an eternity in Hell? Or was that just an exaggeration to get the point across? I mean, He only suffered for a few hours, and hell was only in hell a couple of days right? After that He rose from the dead, and everything was all good. How is that MORE than an eternity of suffering in Hell?

But then I thought about the woman who gave all she had vs. the rich man who gave out of his abundance.

A poor woman gives $10 and that was all she had. A rich man has millions from a Government bailout, and he gives you $10 bucks. Who gives more? Well they both gave ten bucks, but the poor woman sacrificed more because she gave all she had, from nothing.

Same thing with Jesus: He actually did NOTHING wrong, He was sinless, but He was PUNISHED anyway. That is INFINITELY More Sacrificial than an ETERNITY of suffering for the things you DID do wrong, even if you only did a few things wrong.

That’s why He’s the KING now. Because He Gave the MOST, Loved the MOST, Invested the MOST, and Suffered the MOST. That’s why you need to be down with the KING to be saved from Hell anyway. No other false god did what He did. Nobody else Gave that much.

Many people died on the Roman cross, on the American electric chair, in wars, or whatever. But nobody has died after a whole life of sinless perfection. That’s why Jesus is the One with the spiritual Power and Authority.

Here’s another analogy for people who learned Math in College. Let’s take the Ratio of Punishment over Guilt, and call it Sacrifice.

100 / 0 = UNDEFINED.

1 BILLION and counting / .002 = INFINITE

So Jesus sacrifice and suffering for being sinless is UNDEFINABLY MORE than an INFINITY in Hell for the tiny sin you did.

That’s why we need to ask Him to allow you into His Kingdom. He’s the ONLY Way to Spiritual Justification and Guiltlessness.

So… (Cueing the Music.. wiki wicki…)

“Forever Will I Tell, In 3 Hours Christ Suffered More Than ANY Sinner Ever Will in Hell.”

– Read Killing Idols For REVIVAL – the first SoSpression book.

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