3 SCRIPTURAL Reasons we Know that the State of Israel and the Jewish today are not the Yehudim (Jews/Judeans) of the Bible

3 SCRIPTURAL Reasons we Know that the State of Israel and the Jewish today are not the Yehudim (Jews/Judeans) of the Bible:

  1. If you want to understand why the Jewish in Israel today are not the Jews of the Bible you can read Jeremiah 33:6-16. (This Scripture guarantees peace in Jerusalem AFTER God brings His people back thru Jesus, called David in this prophecy). Jerusalem is not peaceful, and Jesus has not returned yet, so that means neither Judah nor Israel nor the Grafted in Believers have been replanted back into Jerusalem by the Lord. What you see in Jerusalem now is the work of man’s empire, not the Lord’s return.
  2. Another prophecy to check if the gathering of the Jews has really happened is Luke 21:20-24. In this prophecy Jesus guarantees the punishment, scattering, and captivity of the tribe of Judah (Bantu expansion/Negro people). This starts in AD 70 when Rome destroyed Jerusalem. He also says that Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled. Gentiles are the sons of Japeth according to Genesis 10:2-5. That’s why Europeans and the nations of Asia Minor have owned Jerusalem since Rome conquered it in 70 AD.
  3. Another prophecy to study and check if Jerusalem of today is Gods people is found in Revelation 11:8. This is the Lord showing Apostle John the 2 witnesses in the last days being killed in Jerusalem, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt. This is further proof that the State of the city Jerusalem before the Lord returns is Apostasy and Babylon. Its not Gods city nor is it Gods people until Jesus actually returns and brings His saints back. His saints consist of all Scattered Israel that is saved into His Body, and all the grafted in Gentiles that are saved into His Body (Romans 11). One Body in Christ the Messiah.

Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let His Word be established.


Rome and Israel are Complete Opposites!!!

Rome and Israel are Complete Opposites!!!

Rome’s Entertainment Industry Dream is sex slave boys, and girls whoring their body and their beauty for money.

But the God of Israel Says:

There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. Deuteronomy 23:17

Correct Both Sides: Don’t Hate the Prodigal Sons

Everybody loves the story of the Prodigal Son… unless the Prodigal Son happens to be Christ-Believing Hebrews waking up and falling in love with the Scriptures for the first time.

Balance is KEY… If you’ve got all types of correction for the Hebrew Prodigal Sons waking up and falling in love with SCRIPTURES for the first time… but you got nothing to say to correct the people that’s been LYING to you about the Scriptures your whole life….???? The least you could do is be BALANCED and prove you’re not a scared hypocrite!

Physical Properties of Water

The physical properties of water are to find it’s level and maintain level, and that it must be contained. The surface of EVERY body of water is level, as can be physically observed and verified.

Earth is 70+% water.

The surface of bodies of water never curve nor conform to the exterior of the object it’s on.

The very definition of PHYSICS requires it to be testable, repeatable and observable.

Anything not verifiable using the scientific method is pseudoscience.

– Christopher Lee Bruce

All Truth Matters

Some people think too much Truth turns people away, but All Truth Matters – more Truth attracts people whose agenda is GOD ALONE.

More and more Truth weeds sin and iniquity out.

If you have a side agenda like politics, pride, money, fame, or sex… there is a Doctrine of Truth that will weed you out of a Christ-centered Congregation until you are humble enough to repent and submit to the whole counsel of God.

Real Problems – False Solutions

House to House Evangelism & Discipleship (Like Jesus/Yahusha taught His disciples is the Answer to what your heart is trying to find on Youtube & Facebook.

Be a Doer of the Word not a Screener only.

#facetoface #housetohouse #houseofprayer

Gifted people can sense your real problems & give you false solutions because of ignorance, bitterness, woundedness, or $$$🤑🤑🤑

False Apostles and False Prophets use their real gifts to discern your real problems – then they give you False Solutions. Beware!


“Don’t talk about the Scriptural Cosmology of the Earth – it don’t matter!”
Psalms 96:10: “SAY among the heathen that the YAHUAH REIGNS: THE WORLD also shall be ESTABLISHED that IT SHALL NOT BE MOVED: HE shall JUDGE the PEOPLE RIGHTEOUSLY.”
ME: No we are not on the earth SPINNING in Science Fiction. We are WAITING for God’s Judgement.
Stop SINNING, turn off your distractions and START BELIEVING in Jesus!
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