Things False Apostles Love:

Things False Apostles Love:

– Their great idea
– Their new business model
– Their own organization
– Their brand
– Their movement
– Politics
– Their denomination
– Conference ticket sales
– Concert ticket sales
– Their fundraising abilities
– Their new ministry model (that avoids the Commandments of Jesus and New Covenant Ordinances)
– Their own leadership skills

Things False Apostles Don’t Have Time For:

– Reading the Bible Cover to Cover Repeatedly
– Night & Day Prayer
– Preaching Repentance, Healing the Sick, Casting out Devils, Teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom
– Obeying the Commandments of God (no time to even try them)
– Building Commandment-Keeping Assemblies in the New Covenant Order that Jesus designed – His Body (not enough money in that)

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