Pastor❤+Teacher🧠 = Shepherd📖🙏🏾

As a Pastor, I cannot stop CARING about your problems. That would be unloving.

As a Teacher, I cannot hide the TRUTH, the actual real solution to your problems. That would be lying.

Jesus is the Chief Shepherd. He’s not sending people-pleasers that won’t research or tell the real truth. He’s also not sending research nerds or video content creators that don’t serve people in real life.

Pastor❤+Teacher🧠 = Shepherd📖🙏🏾

Ephesians 4:11 And he gave some, (apostles;) and some, (prophets;) and some, (evangelists;) and some, (pastors AND teachers;)

Sheep-herders are “hirelings” that need tools of witchcraft to control the crowds, influence the masses, and make merchandise of God’s flock for a bigger cashflow.

Shepherds after God’s own heart are “pastors & teachers” that simply teach, pray for, and lead God’s flocks by example; exercising Scriptural discipline when needed, with a rod of love.

You can get Information from Content Creators, and Inspiration from Entertainers… but YAH gives Knowlege, Understanding, Healing, and Deliverance through HIS Anointed and Ordained Shepherds and Servants.

Shepherd’s after God’s Own Heart Must Use HIS STRENGTH to Do Their Job!

Caring for people should not produce depression. Focus on Christ, HE is the only true Burden Bearer and Chief Shepherd!

It’s Natural to feel pain when people you care for are suffering, whether from abuse or from disobedience. But it’s SuperNatural to Trust Jesus the Chief Shepherd.💪🏾

Shepherds, be encouraged and receive strength from the Chief Shepherd Jesus!

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