Angelo & Veronica Spill ALL the Healthy 🍵 Green 🍵 Tea

They are finally spilling ALL the healthy 🍵 green 🍵tea!

In the video link below, Angelo and Veronica share their own personal stories and repentance from what they experienced for 24 years in Christian Music:

Homosexuality, Adultery, Alcoholism, Jesuits, Fraternities & Sororities, Fake Pastors, Corrupt Babylon Businessmen… and how QUEEN JEZEBEL RUNS the Christian Music Industry and tries to silence the true prophets Of God.

I tried to told ya when I wrote Killing Idols for Revival in 2012!

This is all true I used to be a promoter of a lot of gospel rappers and r&p singers… it went downhill pretty fast. Babylon Businessmen are so destructive and Jezebel’s Spiritual Seduction is a killer!

We gotta repent and go back to the Commandments of God and true Worship!

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