Father to the Fatherless: RESTORE YOUR 🧠📖 LOGICAL INTEGRITY!

When the Angel quoted Malachi 4:6 to John the Baptist’s father Zachariah, he switched up the terms instead of turning the hearts of children to fathers he said “Disobedient to Wisdom.”

Luke 1:17 And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the DISOBEDIENT to the WISDOM of the JUST; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

Part of the role of a father is to give you Logical Integrity, the type of WISDOM that can ONLY come from OBEDIENCE. Once you DO His Logos (Word), you will build your Logic (thinking abilities).

The Fear of YAH is the BEGINNING of Knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). When Daddy says it, you just do it. You don’t debate with Him. You figure out why later. That’s the fear of the Lord.

In this day of strong delusion and deception it’s not intelligence but INTEGRITY and OBEDIENCE that will save your soul!

The Word of God is the Logos. Our logic should be based on the Logos, and our lives should be built on His Words – plain and simple.

The Scriptures teach that God is actually sending STRONG DELUSION to disobedient people (2 Thessalonians 2:10-13) that don’t love the truth enough to obey it.

Jesus said if you DO HIS FATHERS WILL You will know the doctrine (John 7:17). Most of your knowledge of Doctrine will come AFTER you obey it, NOT BEFORE.

We need to switch from a Greek philosopher and debater’s mindset to the Mind of Christ – the King of the Jews.

The INTEGRITY of the upright shall guide us (Proverbs 11:3). You will get the knowledge you are looking for ONLY if you have the INTEGRITY to obey.

Unfortunately due to fatherlessness and abuse, many of us have open wounds that lead to breaches in our spirit (Proverbs 15:4).

This not only opens us up to devilish influences but it also leads to breaches in our Logical Integrity – an inability to simply OBEY OUR FATHER’S WISDOM.

Those that don’t Obey the Father will never be balanced, consistent, or faithful to WISDOM. They will continue to chase knowledge, but remain unstable because of a broken soul. The spirit of confusion comes from a breach in the Spirit that turns into a breach in their logic.

Some lack the integrity to even build their doctrines and beliefs up straight. Our froward (rebellious) hearts cause us to pervert our tongues against His very Commandments!

· Why are we systematically violating our Father’s 10 Commandments (graven images, idolatry, changing the sabbath, divorce and remarriage adultery, etc…) and thinking it doesn’t matter? Especially when Yashua said we won’t get enter into heaven without doing His Fathers will (Matt 7:21-24)?

· Why are we violating His Creation law if He’s the Creator of all wisdom? Do we think we have better ideas about how the world was designed ?

· Why do we fall for deceivers, entertainers, media hypocrites, false apostles, false teachers, Judaizers, crowd chasers, vocabulary word-debaters (subverters), profane Jewish fables, extra-biblical fake books… when the SCRIPTURES CLEARLY WARN US AGAINST ALL THESE?

· Why do we buy and sell in the temples when Jesus said His Father’s house is a house of prayer?

· Why do we continue to buy and sell discipleship (classes, conferences, schools) when Jesus did not do it and the Apostles taught against it?

· Why do we ignore the Son of God Yashua’s New Covenant Order, ordinances, and apostolic authority to try to go back to the Old Covenant Ordinances when Scriptures clearly teach against it (Hebrews 8:13)?

· Why do we still have denominations and doctrinal divisions when the Scriptures have been in the common language of the people for almost 500 years now? We can’t blame the Dark Ages or Roman Catholic Church anymore!

These are just a few examples of the ways we are simply disobedient to simple wisdom. The Word of God is the Logos. Our logic should be based on the Logos, and our lives should be built on His Words – plain and simple.

Instead… we lack the Logical Integrity to simply obey God. We get tossed back and forth with strange doctrines from deceivers.

Why are we even open to these deceptions? Is the Pope now our Father? Hebrews claim Abraham as our father but if we rebel against the order of the Son then the devil is our father.

No matter how much knowledge we acquire or how many teachers and artists we heap up to our YouTube accounts: DISOBEDIENCE OPENS US UP TO DECEPTION. We somehow think that our ways are higher than His, and our thoughts are higher than His. But they’re not (Isaiah 55:9).

We were warned that the last days would be full of silly women carrying layers and layers of sin – ever learning from deceivers but never simply coming to the knowledge of truth by simply repenting, forgiving, and DOING the Word (2 Timothy 3:6).

Quick Story:

My father helped me out recently… I went over to his house to help him move a freezer and as I left I mentioned that I had ordered a solar installation to save in electricity and to avoid power outages which are common in my area. He mentioned that he had planned to do the same thing and he immediately he asked me the price. I told him.

The next day he called me the evening. He had gotten 3 different quotes that very day and told me the company I had went with was the highest by about $20,000.

He gave me the contacts and suggested i look into getting out of the contract and go with somebody else. A few weeks later I ended up doing exactly that. My father wanted me to follow a better financial process rather than get duped out of $20,000 by not doing my due diligence!

Even though I’m 40 years old my father is still helping me walk in logical integrity! I’m a grown man, and I could have been prideful and independent, but I was blessed by simply being obedient to my father’s wisdom. He helped me because he cared.

Imagine how much more important it is to be OBEDIENT to WISDOM in spiritual matters!

Luke 1:17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the DISOBEDIENT TO THE WISDOM OF THE JUST; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

Even if you don’t have an earthly father, your Heavenly Father will turn your heart back to THE WISDOM OF THE JUST (those that DO HIS WORD and HIS WILL).

He will lead you to good Godly counsel, Elders in the Faith, and a New Kingdom Family of Doers of the Word!

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