Father to the Fatherless: RESTORE YOUR 💪🏾💪🏾SEXUAL PURITY and PURPOSE!

We know that child sex slavery (pederasty) is NORMAL for the Roman Empire, and it can get a stronghold in any culture.

Perversion, pedophilia and pederasty can be a continual curse that perpetuates from generation to generation if it is not repented of.

It starts with lust, fornication, and adultery, then it descends into homosexuality, child rape, and more perversion every subsequent generation.

This is partly why in the old covenant, a bastard (illegitimate child) could not even enter into the Congregation of YAH even after 10 Generations (Deuteronomy 23:2)!

That’s how important Righteous Family is in the Kingdom of God.

But I have GOOD NEWS for you! With the New Covenant in Christ you can break the curse in ONE GENERATION!

Whenever you Repent to the 10 Commandments of God, Believe in and follow Jesus the Savior, get Baptized in Water for a New life, and Become filled with the Holy Spirit… You can be forgiven, made clean, and start a whole new line of righteousness in your family.

No matter the sexual sins in your past, or the sexual sins that ran through your family – you can start brand new TODAY.

Even if you were left unprotected by your father and ended up being sexually abused, you can be healed!

His righteousness is stronger than the sin that was done to you or the bad example you were shown!

Your purpose is more powerful than your rape or molestation!

Ask your Father in Heaven to deliver you from Lust, Adultery, and Perversion.

He will cleanse, heal, and deliver you so that you can obey His commandment not to Covet what is not yours or Commit Adultery.

You will have a purpose filled life while serving Him!

He will give you a Thankful and Satisfied Soul when you decide to be thankful for what He has given you by honoring your father and mother.

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