Anointing of Motherhood Contending with the spirit of Abortion | Countdown to The Call Detroit 11-11-11: Day 32 –

I am so excited about the great prayer warriors seen and unseen that God has interceding for the ending of abortion. I thank God for Lou Engle for raising awareness in the church about the the abortion agenda in America.

As I sat praying at the house of prayer, the Lord broke through to my spirit and revealed to me that the church must receive an anointing for motherhood and fatherhood to contend against the spirit of abortion. We cannot pray for God to end abortion in America, while Christian couples continually reject children via contraception. If the word of God says children are a blessing (Psalms 127) and that one of the purposes of marriage is because God seeks godly seed (Malachi 2); yet we as Christians reject those blessings, we are being DISOBEDIENT to God’s COMMAND to be fruitful and multiply. DISOBEDIENCE is as the sin of WITCHCRAFT (1 Sam. 15:23)

In order to take authority over the issue of abortion we have to obey and receive GOD’S word in this area, and let our minds be renewed about the purpose of children and family. We cannot condemn the world of aborting babies, then go in the bathroom and swallow birth control pills. We have created the term “family planning” which sounds nice, but what is birth control? Attempting to control the birth of children (when, how many, how far between)…but wait, isn’t that God’s job?  I can testify that raising small children is one of the most difficult things to do. And young parents need the help, support and guidance of the elders as the bible states. Older women truly teaching younger women would help relieve a lot of the stress and pressure that make Christians not want to have many children (but that is another topic). However, if we return to the biblical view of the purpose of children, it would dramatically change our view and we would find that we have the grace to raise however many children the Lord gives us, whether biological, adopted, or foster.

Satan cannot create, so His job is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). But God comes to bring LIFE! Part of God entering into our marriages is giving Him the right to come in and create LIFE from our unions, when He wants and however many times He wants! So we have to truly fight God’s way, with God’s word and God’s principles. LIFE beats death.

Men of God, if you want to see God’s kingdom come and God’s will be done, have children, raise them up to love God, fear God and keep His commandments. Do NOT fear the expense of children, it is a lie! God has been providing for people since the beginning of time, and He will not stop at your family! If you are taking up the charge to obey God, watch Him meet and exceed your needs. STEP out on faith if you want to see the world changed!


Make your way to Detroit on 11-11-11 for The Call. Pray with us. Join people all over Detroit that are fasting and praying in preparation for God to do something BIG in our city, nation, and world… NOW. Yes, NOW.

The Call

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